Tokyo Unleashed App: Your Key to Effortless Exploration in Tokyo


Unlock the secrets to Tokyo’s treasures with your Mobile Suica card and a suite of other essential apps, each designed to make your journey seamless and unforgettable. Join us as we navigate the city’s wonders and discover the convenience that awaits.

Mobile Suica

Exploring Tokyo is relatively easy, and using an IC card for transportation can make it even simpler. Depending on your location in Tokyo, you may opt for trains, subways, taxis, or local buses. Buying tickets each time you take a train or subway can be cumbersome, and local buses have different payment methods, making it complex and time-consuming. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to Suica.

Suica is a popular contactless smart card widely used for transportation in Japan. It’s convenient for both travelers and residents, providing a seamless way to navigate public transportation and make quick transactions. You can use Suica for train and bus rides, as well as for purchases at various vending machines and stores.

The registration process and detailed usage instructions for Mobile Suica are introduced in this article. Please take a look!

Docomo Bike

Discover the freedom of urban commuting with the Docomo Bike app – your go-to solution for convenient and efficient bike sharing!

Docomo Bike offers a seamless experience for users looking to navigate the city in a sustainable and affordable way. With a user-friendly interface, the app makes renting a bike a breeze, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-time user. The app provides easy access for locating, unlocking, and returning bikes. Effortlessly find the nearest bike station, scan the QR code, and you’re ready to roll.

Uber Eats

Experience the dining convenience with Uber Eats – the app that brings your favorite meals straight to your hotel or Airbnb doorstep!

Uber Eats is your trusted solution for satisfying cravings without leaving the comfort of your temporary home. This user-friendly app offers an extensive selection of restaurants and cuisines, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

One of the standout features of Uber Eats is its lightning-fast delivery service. Track your order in real-time, from the moment it’s prepared to the instant it arrives at your hotel or Airbnb. This transparency ensures you’re always in the know about your delicious meal’s journey. At Uber Eats, not only can you enjoy meals from popular chain restaurants, but you also have the opportunity to savor the diverse offerings of individual local eateries across Tokyo. This means, whether you’re staying at a hotel or Airbnb, you can casually indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine.


Introducing Go, the go-to app for hassle-free taxi services! Go is your reliable companion for convenient and swift transportation, offering a seamless experience when it comes to calling a taxi.

With Go, summoning a taxi is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. The app’s intuitive interface ensures that anyone, from tech enthusiasts to those less familiar with mobile apps, can effortlessly book a ride. No more waving down taxis on the street or waiting in long queues – Go brings the taxi to you with just a few clicks.

One of the standout features of Go is its real-time tracking system. Watch as your assigned taxi approaches your location, providing you with peace of mind and eliminating the guesswork of when your ride will arrive. This feature is especially handy during busy hours or in unfamiliar areas.

Navi time for Japan

Nivatime for Japan is your ultimate travel companion, offering a seamless app service designed to enhance your experience in Japan. With a user-friendly interface, this app provides real-time information on public transportation, ensuring you never miss a train or bus. From detailed route planning to live updates on schedules, Nivatime keeps you on track during your exploration of Japan.

One standout feature is its comprehensive coverage of major cities, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Nivatime simplifies your commute, making navigation through bustling cities a breeze.

Safety Tips App

The Safety Tips app, developed under the supervision of the Japan Tourism Agency, is a free application that provides emergency earthquake alerts, tsunami warnings, volcanic eruption reports, special alerts, heatstroke information, civil protection information, and evacuation advisories within Japan. Designed for foreign visitors, the app offers various features to assist during disasters. By setting your predicted location, the app notifies you of emergency earthquake alerts, tsunami warnings, volcanic eruption reports, special weather alerts, civil protection information, and potential heatstroke risks when predicting seismic activity of magnitude 4 or higher at the specified location.

Youdao Translate

Youdao Translate is a versatile app that swiftly translates text between over 100 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Portuguese. With downloadable language packs, this app proves extremely useful even when you lack internet access during your travels. Its translation methods range from inputting the text you want to translate to supporting voice and image recognition. One of its popular features is the quick turnaround time for translations.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is a user-friendly app designed for foreign visitors to easily connect to Wi-Fi throughout Japan. The usage is simple – it displays Wi-Fi zones centered around your current location on a map. Upon entering a Wi-Fi zone, the app shows the current device’s connection status, including acquired SSID. When connection is possible, tapping the ‘Connect’ button will seamlessly connect you to the available free Wi-Fi. The ability to download Wi-Fi maps in advance, even offline, adds to its popularity.

ecbo cloak

ecbo cloak is a service allowing you to securely store your belongings in available spaces at cafes, shops, and various locations. Currently available in cafes, co-working spaces, and some travel-related shops and station facilities in Japan, you can conveniently leave your baggage in diverse spaces. With the inevitability of carrying large luggage during overseas travel, the app proves valuable. Upon arrival, you can promptly explore without the hassle of transporting your baggage to the hotel. This app comes to your rescue during such times.

Ms. Green

Ms. Green is a unique guide app introducing the charm of Japan through free manga. The main story follows a protagonist, a new employee at a travel company, introducing tourist spots, cuisine, events, and traditional culture throughout Japan in a narrative format. The sub-content includes an ‘Intercultural Experience Corner’ that humorously explains common concerns for foreigners traveling to Japan, such as how to ride trains, find Wi-Fi spots, and use Japanese-style multifunctional toilets. In addition to gaining various information about Japan through the manga’s story, the app also allows users to book accommodations and tours related to the content.

As your day of exploration winds down, reflecting on the convenience these apps brought to your adventure, we bid you farewell from the heart of Tokyo. Until our next exploration, may your travels be filled with ease and delightful discoveries!